Ceremonie Oskar (engels)

I feel very good about having taken part in the ceremonies. I always reflect on them with love in my heart, even if they were quite difficult for me. In the first days following the ceremonies, I sensed significantly increased awareness of my own mind and surroundings and experienced a fluctuation between contrasting feelings (excitement, melancholy, sensitivity and joy). Now it is about one week from the ceremonies and I still feel Ayahuasca is with me, although a bit less compared to earlier in the week. I think the benefits may continue to reveal themselves with time. Overall, the primary insight that Ayahuasca has brought me is the awareness of my mind (and the mind of other people) and how it responds to different situations.

Miriam had great presence, was kind yet assertive and very reassuring to have her there during rather difficult ceremonies. She was very sensitive of what was going on during each ceremony and directed the interaction and music accordingly. She was also great to talk to before and after the ceremonies and gave really good insights to consider.  


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